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then the Yalunka people...

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

AHHHH prepare our FEET King and steady our SOULs

WE leave from my house in Streamwood IL to the airport in about an hour!!!
About a month ago we asked where the rest of our funds were gonna come from,
and it came to me, so when Cat asked all I could say was,
We are living out of the Pocket of the KING!

when God has you go somewhere He's got you covered.
His eyes are on us and therefore we cannot worry. Right now Cat and I need peace and assurance, we want to live as we are...

CHILDREN and heirs of the king!
The enemy hates us, but we do not have to fear! Hallelujah!


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  1. you guys are beautiful... I love the pictures and am praying for both of you!!!! love you! <3