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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

our connecting flight to conakry left without us this morning . . . we have another booked ticket with connections in london and casablanca and ze should be in conakry by 1 am saturday...forgive my grammar i am using a keyboard zith keys for another language.
i´m sitting in the hotel lobby right now. basically susanna and i stayed up qll night due to our flight schedule qnd problems qt the airport today. ze had the chance to take a nap and shozer and ze´re hoping ze zill feel a lot better in the morning. even in all this craziness, God is good and ze are having fun

i am so proud of susanna and all of the zork she did today zith the qirline services. ze are helping each other and praying together often and this is the way it should be. i am so so thankful to be traveling zith a good friend zho loves Jesus

last night yesterdqy (i don´t know zhen it was, but ze zere on the plqne), i was reminded of the story of david being picked by God to be king. this guy Was a shepherd. he like killed off animals qnd hung out in the pastures qll day. he wasn´t in line to be king because of anyone in his family qnd he certqinly didn´t hqve qny training to be king, but he loved God and he trusted him.

someti,es i feel inadequate and i think i am not prepared to serve God, but what is preparation? ze folloz Jesus Christ; the only prepqrqtion ze need is knowing Him. let´s trust that qnd not get bogged down by too much crap.

i´m a little tired. hope this mqkes sense. ze´re chillin zith Jesus in brussels for the night... pray for us if you think of us qnd let us knoz how we can pray for you



  1. Man, you haven't been gone long and your English skills are already going down ;) (haha I had the same problem in Europe with the goofy keyboards, this brought back great memories)

    I am praying for y'all and cannot wait to hear more about how Jesus is answering our prayers and how we can better pray for y'all here.

    Just knoz that I love you qnd qm thinking of you all the time!! ;)

  2. Ze zill be prqying for you both. Ze love you!
    (te he sorry I had to do it)